• We produce and install objects with steel structures: production halls, industrial, commercial – service objects and objects for agriculture needs.
  • We produce steel structures in accordance with Factory Control Plan, meeting PN EN 1090-1+A1:2012 – production plan EXC3.
  • We optimise the use of construction materials and we produce executive documentation.
  • High quality welding technology is provided by using PN EN 3834 norms.
  • A notification body oversees the control of quality standards.
  • We are in a possession of modern production base equipped with machinery and controlled devices CNC, and details are laser cut.
  • We install components using specialized instrumentation, hence its uniqueness and good quality.
  • Preparation of steel bases before paint application is completed in accordance with PN ISO 85013 norms
  • We protect anti-corrosive construction by: hydrodynamic painting in accordance with PN-EN ISO 29441 norms, fire galvanizing, DUPLEX method/galvanizing and painting.
  • The construction is fire protected by the use of swelling paint coatings or water shower.
  • We have qualified personel for non-destructive testing of welds.
  • We perform visual /VT/, magnetic-powder /MT/ and ultrasonic /UT/ tests.
  • We provide high competences of engineering and technical staff as well as experienced employees on the production and assembly line.
  • We make components for technological lines;
  • We have experiance in making assembly devices;
  • We provide machining services and cold profiling of steel elements.
  • We laser burn.

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MAR-SPAW Sp. z o.o.

Tryńcza 409A, 37-204 Tryńcza
NIP: 794-174-51-96
KRS: 0000281232

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