Manufactured concrete forms are used to mold resistant blocks. Thanks to specially designed tabs, cast products can very quickly be arranged on a principle “feather-projection”.


  • To produce resistant walls (protect slope)
  • To build warehouses, boxes, coal storage
  • To build foundations and warehouse floors, sheds, tents, etc.

Below are examples of products parameters:

Size [cm]Concrete [m3]Block mass [kg]

*1 m3 concrete – 2200kg

Main features of our products:

Production quality

  • Based on compatibility with production norms: PN EN 1090, PN EN 3834, PN EN 14001, PN EN ISO 9001,
  • Details laser produced and using machines controlled numerically
  • Group installation takes place in specialized machines which guarantees high production accuracy
  • Hydrodynamic painting preceded bu surface cleaning using grinding method
  • Breaking the edges (10×10) through welding special triangle board which guarantees esthetic mold, at the same time preventing edge crambling.
  • Possibility of punching mold walls to create transport handles (according to client specifications)
  • Optional mold with partitions which enable production of smaller mold blocks
  • Optional transport handles
  • Matching colours and personal identifications such as company’s colours and logo
  • Forms are equipped with base increasing blocks mold mobility in different locations
  • Possibility of price negotiation, especially for larger forms,
  • We provide VAT invoices
  • We organise postiong to clients/option/ in the form of „Just-in-time”,
  • Sale directly from the warehouse
  • Convenient date of payment


We produce specialist forms made for different use. We provide full customer service – from making a project to producing sample of the products. We have projects office dedicated to fulfiling our customers needs. We design using 3D programmes, therefore our projects have the highest level of functional quality. We equip forms with hydraulic control and vibration system.

Forms for roadworks:

  • Road plates,
  • Dehydration elements e.g. Drain inlets, culverts,
  • Road curbs,
  • And other individual client needs.

Forms for hydro-sewage infrastructure:

  • Cesspits with different capacity,
  • Circles and cable and sewerage wells.

Forms for building industry:

  • Foundations for electric poles,
  • Foundation blocks for different use,
  • Pipeline weights,
  • Lintel and individual industrial orders.

Moreover we design and produce different sizes customized for customer needes.

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