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eco-energy pallet bolier
Moc 14 kW
Automatic Boiler
Moc 17 kW
Automatic Boiler
Moc 22 kW
Automatic Boiler

advantages of boilers from our offer

Boiler with build-in burner, tank and fuel feeder, locked as one block with modern form.

A compact shape with reasonable dimensions make it ideal to fit in the small boiler room.

EKO-ENERGY PELLET boilers are ecological, economical, energy-saving and compact devices for central heating, mainly used in single-family buildings. They are equipped with an automatic self-cleaning burner, while the controllers are responsible for managing the operation of the boiler. They do not require constant supervision, and their use is easy and comfortable. They are cheap to operate due to low fuel consumption. They ensure the safety of the natural envitonment for people. They not increase air pollution and do not produce substances harmful to health.


  • They meet rigorous parameters related to the efficiency of the device and emission of pollutants in accordance with the PN-EN 303-5:2012 (Class 5),
  • They meet the strict environmental requirements set out in the implementing measures to Directive 2009/125/EC of October 21, 2009 and Commision Regulation (EU) 2015/1189/ECODESIGN),
  • Constant optimal combustion – maintain the right temperature,
  • Automatic burner with igniter,
  • Automatic burner cleaning,
  • Backfire protection system,
  • The lowest exhaust emmision – they adjust the appropriate dose of fuel and air,
  • Digital data displays for service,
  • Above-average energy efficiency,
  • Remote control possible.

The boilers are equipped with movable flue gas turbolizers, which are our own innovative construction solution subject to patent protection.

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