Sheet metal coiling

Winding of sheet metal

It is one of activities undertaken to shape metal sheet. Efficient and not complicated in operating machinery to wind metal sheets enable roller winding. The most used method to shape bent products is bending them on press. Dragging method enables production of various kinds of pipes and sections made of strips and sheet metal strips.

Sheets metals are winded using hydraulic coiler MG4R 3015 according to client needs and keeping following parameters:


  • Working lenght: 3100mm
  • Upper roller diameter:  290mm
  • Lower roller diameter: 270mm
  • Side rollers diameters: 210mm

Stamping sheet metal

We stamp metal elements using hydraulic press keeping following parameters:


  • Model – CF-100
  • Nominal pressure – 100 tons
  • Maximum distance between upper and lower table – 650mm
  • Cylinder jump – 450mm
  • Working hight – 900mm
  • Maximum pressure – 290 bars

Metal sheet bending


  • Model – PRCB 30160
  • Presurre – 160 tons
  • Bend lenght- 3100mm

Bending metal pipes


  • Model – TOP BENDER TB050
  • Minimal pipe diameter- 5mm
  • Maximum pipe diameter – 63mm
  • Maximum bending angle – 180 degrees

Sides bending

Uniaxcial car trailer

Sides bending using edge press, elements painted using hydrodynamic or powder painting.

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