Powder painting

Powder painting

Powder painting is one of the most popular, very exact and precise way of painting of various surfaces. It is a method of applying the paint holds on the surface thanks to the action of electrostatic field forces. Powder painting of metal elements we perform by using automatic painting line.

Benefits of powder painting:

  • long lasting durability of paint and painted surface
  • smooth and uniform shell
  • high resistance to damage


  • lenght – 5,45m
  • hight – 2,00m
  • width – 1,50m

Preparation for powder coating by using a pressure washer or by grinding.

Hydrodynamic painting

Hydrodynamic painting is a modern method of spray painting. Instead of classic roller and brush, a special equipment is used, painting unit. Hydrodynamic painting depends on paint application on the wall structure under the force of compressed air without using air. A stream of paint goes outside through a small holes in the gun. On the surface they are broken into tiny drops. Thanks to this, we get precise painting without streaks and watermarks.

We paint spatial construction elements with 15mb lenght. We prepare to paint by grinding.

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